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We use 21st century Polymer products which have a U.V. rating of up to 10x that of old waterproofing products.

We waterproof all types of roofs, big or small.

Polymer waterproofing products are indusrty leading and revolutionary, they also help green the enviroment.

Once the waterproofing has dried, there are no joints, leaving a seamless coating which can expand and contract without cracking.

We also waterproof all types of balconies. We can re-tile the area once waterproofing has been completed.

All weather, long lasting waterproofing solutions.

All of our waterproofing is guaranteed for a minimum of three years.

Roof Ridge waterproofing is essential to protect the structure of the roof from water damage and preserve the integrity of the roof.

All roofs are cleaned and prepared before waterproofing to ensure proper adhesion.

Flat roofs which have pipes and conduit installed are no problem. The entry points are waterproofed and closely inspected upon completion.

If neccesary, a screed is applied before waterproofing to direct water to the outlets as far as possible.

We also waterproof facebrick parapet walls to prevent damp ingress in the walls.

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Budget Waterproofing supplies, installs and maintains waterproofing on the following:

  • Cement tile roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Steel IBR roofs
  • Corrugated roofs
  • Flat concrete roofs
  • Boarded roofs
  • Wooden roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Polycarbonate roofs
  • Fibreglass roofs
  • Asbestos roofs
  • Cliplok roofs
  • Brick and plastered walls
  • Water features
  • Timber sealing and treatment
  • Gutter Repairs and sealing
  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Window and door frame sealing (all types)
  • Aluminium Sliding door sealing
  • Skylight waterproofing



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